Lore Book Preorders - The Cardinal Seeds

Lore Book Preorders - The Cardinal Seeds

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This booklet will provide documentation following the creative process of this new project. It will feature full size atworks that go beyond the medium of prints and sketches. (Presentation is subject to change).

A joint effort by Forbidden Kn0wledge, Damian Diaz & Michele Mraden.

Creative direction by Michele Mraden.

Different characters will be introduced as well as a study of these individuals, with relevant documentation in the form of audio recordings, screen captured imagery & self deleting timed messages. Some of the themes are bound to contain sensitive content such as mentions of mental health, self harm, xenophobia, homophobia, abuse, manipulation and sexual harassment . 

I - Anticrist I Ano V.001

II - The Prideful Beast of Saint John Woods

III - Ghor', Sha of Lust

IV - Zeba'hr, the devourer

V - EnvoYE of Abnormal Envy

VI - Brian'kha, mischievous niece of the ruthless Slaughterer

 VII - Peter the Wrathful Soul

The Cardinal Seeds is a work of fiction and therefore any similarities with public figures or individuals are purely coincidental.

Shipping to start late june.